8th January 2021

By Syndrome

Not being able to travel during these uncertain times, I decided to bring Spain to me as I reminisced about my peaceful time spent in a small and traditional town located in the south of sunny Spain. Hopefully this small text inspires you to do the same and manages to lift your spirits.

Torremolinos - a small town located in the south of Spain. I’m glad to say that travelling to Spain, especially to the Costa-Del-Sol region in October was much more gratifying. I was able to get acquainted to Torremolinos filled with its’ locals and other Andalusians. 

I used this week to get away and relax, and I couldn’t have asked for a better place than this. Strolling by the coast at sunset was what my every day consisted of - and I’m sure if I lived here, I would make this a daily ritual - strolling by the towering palm trees partnered with the verdurous mountains, miles and miles away whilst their lover the sun, kissed them goodnight as it sunk below submerging itself below the violet horizon. 

And then we went on to explore little parts of Spain. Ojén - a small and quiet province contrasting with its’ powerful and piercing views. Sitting in the mountains behind Marbella, Ojén stood still at lunch time, it even felt like the wind took a little time for itself. Everything stood still, even time itself.  The irony of this little province, I found, was its’ name deriving from the arabic word “hoxan” meaning “bitter” or “rough,” as it was filled with the most tranquil and hypnotic views so high up. (Although maybe looking at it now, I understand the name; walking up those hills must have been - and may still be - a nightmare...)

Located in the city of Malaga, stood the monumental Catedral de la Encarnación (The Cathedral of Incarnation). This beautiful building offered a step back - well, many steps back in time. From both the stories, art and architecture in which the cathedral immersed itself in. Visiting this historical landmark, made you feel as if you were alive in the Renaissance period, where this building was filled with gold paint, baroque walls and soaring ceilings. 

At the foot of the Alcazaba fortress, located in the heart of Malaga, lied one of the last ancient ruins “El Teatro Romano” (The Roman Theatre). After being bombed by the Italian army during the civil war, all that lied behind were ruins. Although dust was left behind, the fortress above supplied every pair of eyes with a beautiful view overlooking the city down below.

My seven days spent in Spain were delightful. A week spent visiting little provinces and soaking up on sun rays. Malaga was just as delightful. As I stood above the ancient Roman ruins, I saw just how much this city has to offer and just how lovely it truly is. 

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