14th February 2019



I took these 4 gems to one of my favourite places this weekend. all of the photos are 35mm and shot on portra 160.


Blurry, not perfect photos.


160 wasn't the most optimal choice of film for the location we were in because it was quite a low light situation by the time we arrived; however, I feel that it's important for everyone know that the one thing i never strive for in photos is perfection. 


I don't really plan or over think my shots and more just see something and shoot it. My least favourite shots are always the ones I thought too hard about. My favourite ones are the ones with so called "imperfections" or is such a genuine moment that I didn't even realise I captured it until I get the roll back.


Nothing needs to be perfect. I love light leaks, a hand out of focus, an entire person out of focus...anything that is "not how it's supposed to be” — I love.  For me that's art. 



Also, I get asked frequently about how I manage to make people look so comfortable on camera and, in all honesty, I feel that it's because I mainly shoot my friends. Rarely will I ask someone to "model" for me in the traditional sense of modelling. I much prefer capturing lifestyle moments that somewhat just happen on their own.  


Here's a photo of me by my dear friend, Nicki. The end.