29th June 2018

I immersed myself for a month in the busy Port of Setubal and boy was it great. I don't spend a lot of time on my phone but this time I really wanted to be in the moment and take a plunge into all the views I could without being distracted or without having the need to constantly take photographs. (One of the biggest reasons why I love shooting in analog - you do not have the ability to look back through your camera and spend ages trying to perfect a shot. You take it and you move on.)


I was lucky enough to spend it reconnecting with family while exploring the beautiful views Setubal has to offer. My days consisted in being in touch with the warm waves of the beaches of Arrabida, to feeling the sun kiss my skin as I laid and listened to the ripples of the ocean and children's magic fables while they made sand castles. When I think of Portugal, I always feel nostalgic of these exact moments and wish I could be there within an instance, so I made sure I was soaking up every single ounce of sun, water and happiness that was brought from these moments.

Photograph taken by Fabio Teixeira

If I wasn't at the beach soaking in every sun ray, I was looking out to the world below me. There's something special about over seeing everyone live their lives while we're watching, thinking and imagining what their life is like or where they're going, who they'll be going to meet and some how from this far up, you can see it all. We sat at the Fortaleza de São Filipe looking out to this mesmerising view which we could see Setubal's Port as well as the distinct island by this gorgeous coast, Troia. 

Built to protect the waters leading to Lisbon, we sat at the top of the Fort drinking coffee while admiring the orange-tiled city and the river. I left this place in awe of the beautifully unique painted tiles the Fort was filled with as well as imagining what life would have been like for the guards protecting this place. But, I was biting my nails over exploring one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal, Portinho da Arrabida.

Driving up and around the mountain left me in awe with the view of Arrabida. We drove to a non heavily explored cave where we sat and appreciated the view from down below this time. Our sweet companion, Zag was eager to plunge into the crevasses of the cave, mainly to hunt fresh lunch, yet food wasn't on my mind at all. I was eager to get into the crystal blue waters. And so we moved on and dipped our toes into the blissfully calm ocean, following tropical fish and of course, on the prowl for sea shells. While the sun glistened on my face, I closed my eyes and let it all sink in. 

There was also a panoramic view overlooking the sea, but with my luck I had run out of rolls so, I had to capture it mentally - this mental image will not do it justice but, imagine sitting on the edge of mountain-like-cliff top, with rich green plants surrounding you while a narrow road is behind you, where if you aren't careful enough, you could face serious consequences, yet the view is mesmerising. You're so far up, looking down you can just about see the minuscule fish boats contrasting with the deep blue ocean, with a fine line of white sand drawing a border outlining the coast; a pure safe haven. The wind brushes your hair back as the sun heats the ground. It's as if you're in another realm and all your senses come alive.