N E W  Y O R K  T O 
C A L I F O R N I A.

30th April 2020

These photos are part of a Road Trip I did with my girlfriend Carla in August 2019, in which we crossed the United States from New York to California.

The 15 rolls of portra 160 and 400 were not edited or published until recently, when affected by the boredom during the COVID-19 quarantine in Spain, I decided to start editing and posting them.

Looking back at these photos now I can only think how lucky we were to be able to live such a beautiful summer crossing so many states, sleeping in so many different places, visiting so many natural parks, cities, bars and everything that can be found along the way.


I never planned it as a project, but as a visual diary of what most caught my attention during that long journey.


After all, these are probably the most special photos I have ever taken.


I hope you enjoy them and that they remind you of summers with family far from the worries that affect us today.


Stay safe,



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