21th April 2018

Since the age of seven I've wanted to live in New York, maybe it was the addiction to F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Gossip Girl that showed me the high life and benefits of the city and as I grew up I started to accept that it couldn't be that good, that it wouldn't be as good as I had imagined But it was so much better than I could have ever comprehended. So much so that no picture could show you the feeling of being in that city, sounded by the unbelievable architecture and millions of people. No one could show you the atmosphere, you simply have to experience it.



I was going to put in a standard New York image that you cant help but take a thousand of when you're there but I wanted to show a little bit more of the essence of New York and image that has a little bit of a story. 


The first time I went to New York I went with my family for a week, my mum and dad had been before and I think my sister too but it was a stop off because we were visiting family in Australia.Yes, I am aware that going to New York is the long way to get to Australia but as I said I obsessed with seeing and being in New York so, using my persuasion tactics I convinced them to go the complete opposite way, I know, I'm amazing.

Anyway, we decided that we would stay in an apartment, which was even more exciting for me and we got there it was everything I wanted it to be. It was a loft of sorts and had slide up windows with a balcony(like friends) and was right the main street so we could hear everything, which makes me smile just thinking about it.


On our first morning my sister and I took it upon ourselves to go explore and find breakfast, so we found this place a couple of streets down, it looked tiny but every shop or restaurant in New York is almost the Tardis, they're so narrow but it goes on forever. It took a lot of walking around in the summer heat to find this little place but it was perfect and we got breakfast and went back to the flat or apartment. It was surreal and I was living every dream that I'd had since I was seven and I cannot wait to go back, in fact I'm itching to.