C O R N W A L L.

15th April 2020

"Film photography has a certain nostalgia and escapism attached to it, that is really quite refreshing in today’s instantaneous culture. I find certain places can carry these feelings too and for me Cornwall is one of those. 



This series of images is an amalgamation of different times I have been to Cornwall over the last couple of years.  Although I don’t live there now, it’s where I grew up, so I think it will always carry a sense of comfort and nostalgia for me. 


When I photograph places I try and capture a fleeting moment or scene, which stands out or catches my eye; documenting juxtapositions or moments of peace that would otherwise go unnoticed.



Cornwall has a real solitary beauty; it’s quite detached from the rest of England and time seems to move at a slower pace. These photos show both sides of the Cornwall that I see."