September 2017

A little note:

These photos were taken on a weekend away to Lisbon. This city is always so vibrant and full of culture yet this time I only captured the landscapes and moments which held me still rather than the great food, drink and people. 

One thing that always surprises me when I visit Lisbon is the fact that people are so nice and engage with you no matter if they don't know you. You'll always here a "Good morning." or "Hi, how are you?" and somehow, I wish we had that living in London instead of sitting on the tube and being able to make the person in front of you feel awkward over a 0.9271 second glance.

Lisbon is filled with enchanting rooftops where you can gaze at the city, over an espresso with friends. I hope to go back and maybe start a mini project of the views the rooftops or 'miradouros' (as we call them) hold.