22nd August 2018

Ahh Justin Timberlake… The heart throb of so many and yes of course he is mine but this article isn’t about that, its about how unbelievable he is as a performer. 


I’ve been lucky enough to have seen him 3 times now and every time was different. He just makes you want to be in the moment and dance and sing although all you want to do is capture as much as you can on your phone or camera so that you don’t forget the feeling that you had right in that second. 


I have a love hate relationship with concerts or the build up of one good night out or a certain event because of course the event is magical and everything you could ever hope for but when I'm in the moment of euphoria sometimes all I can think about is how much it's going to hurt when it's over and how the concert blues will become a real thing.


However, on the contrary it does give you this new lease for life and you start to understand what it feels like to be at peace and what it feels like for thousands of people to be happy and in the moment all at the same time. You realise that it's possible.


We were just above the standing area and the couple of times I un-glued my eyes from the beauty that is Justin hecking-Timberlake I would just see the people below dancing, laughing, drinking and just enjoying the concert and there wasn't a phone in sight.


That, right there, made me put down my camera and phone and just dance with the rest of the thousands of people. That moment was everything, it reminded me to just be in the moment and that this 'right now' is the only moment that exists. The past is nothing and neither is the future. They play no part in this moment right now.


The one word that I will always use to describe seeing and listening to Justin live is euphoria, just complete euphoria.