11th July 2018

The other one of us, is an incredibly messy person and for the most part very unorganised but Ikea makes me feel like I want to be clean and simple. It erases all confusion from my mind and body, it almost frees me. I know this sounds a bit extreme, it's just furniture shopping and it's just one shop. I don't really know how else to  explain it just gives me hope that the small things could help on bad days and the uniformity of it all could help organise my thoughts which again are for the most part unorganised and cluttered. For someone who has constant chatter in her head fixed organisation that doesn't rely on her too much (a.k.a Penelope the plant) is like breathing fresh crisp clean air. 


The glass containers  that fulfil my life long obsession of snacks are everything I've ever wanted. Yes, I realise this again sounds dramatic but it helps me feel organised, like I'm expanding my personality and not just simply saying that I can't be organised, that I can't be minimalistic and that I need clutter. I like the idea of exploring the realm outside of my comfort zone, which for me is being organised and not being afraid that I might kill a plant, which again is a real possibility but I hope to keep the beautiful Penelope (the plant I came back home with) alive for years to come. 

Functuay: a Chinese geomantic practice in which a structure or site is chosen or configured so as to harmonize with the spiritual forces that inhabit it; also : orientation, placement, or arrangement according to the precepts of fengshui. In short, it's about the placement and arrangement of a room per se. And when your home is your sanctuary, it is said you should change or re-arrange the placement of items. Plus, if you're anything like me, you will have an itch to change things around and to re-decorate and innovate the space you live in - so we decided to take a mini trip to Ikea.


Now, I speak for myself... and maybe 99.9% of the population in which I could live in IKEA. The decoration is beyond gorgeous, plus it exhibits decoration to fit all types too, which is great. Yes, it took us much longer than expected to get to IKEA, thank you London motor-ways for having such shit signs and thank you GPS for never helping us, but we got there in the end and we were on a hunt. A hunt to spice up our rooms.


Stress, anxiety and pressure are part of every day life. And what better if not getting some foliage for decoration. I've never had plants in my room but I have to be honest, roaming around Pinterest and seeing how well a plant sits and the benefits of having nature living in the same space as you brings, we ventured off to find a new friend, or two. A 2008 study found that plants decreased the anxiety felt by hospital patients by having greens in their rooms. Furthermore, these patients felt much more positive about their recuperation, finding that these patients needed less post-operative care, compared to those patients without plants. Meaning plants can help in positivity and anxiety. 

When it comes to sleep, plants also aid in this area. Plants like lavender have been proven to lower the heart rate as well as blood pressure, just as aromatherapy does. The benefit you get from lavender is that it has been found to reduce anxiety and depression, as well as aid with sleeping as it relaxes and calms. Moreover, psychologists have found that not only do plants purify the air, they can also increase productivity. There are so many studies on this subject but once you have foliage in your environment you instantly see the difference it makes to the ambience as well as your being, at least we did. 


After spending a year or so in IKEA, we picked out some beautiful and quirky plants to give life to our sanctuary.