4th September 2018


How to travel the world with almost no money - By Tomislav Perko

We’re constantly bombarded about how dangerous the world is and how many problems exist - especially when travelling alone, but when Tomislav Perko sets on a journey hitchhiking from Croatia to Australia, he soon sees it’s the complete contrary. Perko explains the first problem you are likely to face is being afraid; of leaving home and stepping outside your comfort zone. Working for accommodation and transportation, Perko understood that the most important lessons he learned were not to be applied just to travelling, but in fact these were life lessons and the biggest one learned? To tear down prejudices. In the end, everyone thinks the same way and everyone is afraid of the same things; yet once these walls are destroyed, you experience life like no other.

This talk will teach you the importance to preserve our earth and that it’s life-changing once you disregard your fears and financial problems (even if you’re broke). It all becomes clear once you hit the road.  

Learn to travel - Travel to learn - By Robin Esrock

Simple yet humbling as Robin Esrock explains his journey the moment he had his kneecap broken from a collision, given money from compensation, using that money to explore the world, to escaping death from listening to his gut. Esrocks’ talk shows how empowering people can be once we break the barriers of myths that the media imposes on us and brain washes us with. From meeting a Rastafarian priest who explains how to delve into nature when stressed, to an Ecuadorian Shaman wanting to expel evil energies surrounding Esrock, to a seventy four year old farmer who teaches him how to dance with his heart and smile with his eyes. If there’s one thought that has stuck, it’s that people shape the world; people you meet are who create the paradise you find. Our lives are constantly mitigated by routine, but once we experience these lessons we suddenly see that people would rather help you than hurt you. Esrock’s grounding story shows that packing the right things is important, but the most important, is to pack the right state of mind. 

Travel More and Buy Less - By Luis Vargas 

Luis Vargas clearly tells his own personal tale of how he learned to just simply, travel more and buy less. Stating that exploration, discovery and adventure are the things, that we as humans desire the most but it is also what we lack the most. When you embody any of those three things, as Luis says, this is the time when you are most alive. Luis questions why more people are not traveling and why work, fear and money are always the answer to that question. If you want to travel, like so many people do, they don’t know where to start and more times than others, people need a sign to finally go. Ironically this should be taken as that sign. A simple talk proposing to think twice before we consume - rather than having overdosing in commodity fetishism and cramming our houses with stuff, a passport full of stamps fulfils us more at the end of the day. By the end of this talk, it's easy to understand that it is more important to have experiences in different cultures around the world, than it is to make money.



The real reason I traveled to 196 counties - By Cassie De Pecol


Laying her heart on the table, Cassie De Pecol discusses the reasons behind wanting to break the Guinness World Record of travelling to 196 countries in 18 months. Not only does Pecol explain why it's important to travel and see the beauty in the world while the media continues to enforce certain stereotypes on various countries, but she explores how hard it can be as a woman traveling around the world, while taking her experiences as example. Pecan explains how one brief experience can shape your whole life - from strangers lending her their own bed in Cuba to spending nights in a town in Somalia where explosions could occur at any moment, yet Pecol explains why she wouldn’t trade these moments for anything in the world. The powerful talk comes to an end with a quote from Amelia Earhart, so simple yet so obvious - but something that you have to remind yourself of every day; “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”