27th July 2018

Why do you shoot in analog?

I began photographing in analog because since I was little, I used to watch my parents having the “struggle” of inserting the film roll well within the camera to taking the shot at the right time. Basically, I wanted to feel that exact feeling and explore more of this.


Why and when did you first start shooting in analog?

It all started because most of my friends are photographers, and some of them photograph in analog or even those who converted themselves from digital to analog. But this was all done with the help of @anotherangelo who gave me a machine to hand and encouraged me to photograph. Obviously my first few rolls weren’t anything special but the experience was great and so I began looking at a photograph with a different perspective. I then decided to buy my own camera. A Canon AE-1.


What’s your opinion on the analog hype?

The hype of analog registration nowadays is very noticeable, be it in social networks, in a magazine or in an exhibition, and to me that's very positive to see. Each person / photographer has their vision and their own way of expressing what they were living at that very moment after the click. And each one can use the machine and the roll he wants, which will give a further personalisation to that moment.


Which place would you like to lose yourself in with your camera?

Right now I have two places. I could see myself getting lost perhaps in Indonesia and Japan.


Do you have a preference in the film you use?

Not really to be honest. I like to experiment. But lately I have been using the Fujifilm C200, Portra 160 and some expired ones from Werlisa lately.


Would you rather shoot a concert in digital or analog?

That’s a difficult question. Obviously I would like to shoot a concert in analog, but since today artists need to have the photo in time to be able to publish it on social networks, digital comes in to help with that. And digital also helps to see what we are capturing so that it is a good photo.


If you could photograph anyone, who would it be and why?

I would love to photograph Sabrina Claudio, because besides being a beautiful woman and without any bad angles, she seems to be one of those people that leaves you in a good mood to work.


I would also love to shoot Travis Scott because I think he's a very expressive person. It would be great.


How would you express your art form without social media?

Today expressing your art without social networks, is very difficult, indeed. But there is always solution. I would bet on exhibitions and partnerships with some magazines.


What artist(s) or photographer(s) inspire(s) your imagery?

Since I started shooting in analog that surely my biggest inspiration was ONE of the Masters in Analog Photography in Portugal; Kid Richards. But also the great João Tamura, João Neves, Nuno Andrade, Mau Mau João, Matilde Cunha and internationally, the great Chi Modu (I love his work to death).


What advice would you give to people starting out with analog?

The best advice is to keep photographing. If you like it, don’t stop! Later, you will end up reminding yourself of those moments and you will see how good it was to learn in order to get to a certain place.

You can find more of Francisco's work here