E - Squared


10th August 2018 

This book is simply unbelievable.


This book is for anyone the spiritual and non spiritual a like. It makes you want to believe in something bigger, in something better and that you actually have control over your life and the way that it pans out. 


This book is effectively about the universe and about how we can harness it and use it to our advantage. Most people have heard about our thoughts turning into things - realising that the universe doesn’t care about your negative or positive thoughts it just clings to your thoughts turns them into reality. 

For me, this book isn’t just a one time read its a work book of sorts for me. I refer back to it when I meditate or when I just need to reassurance or help. Just one page in this book can convince you that you can do and have anything in this world.

This not only connects you to the universe but to yourself. It allows you to get to know yourself and understand what you're really capable of or what you can achieve with just your mind. 


This world and this generation have a tendency to bring you down to make you feel like you’re nothing and everyone deserves to feel like someone, like they matter. You shouldn’t have to depend on other people to know that you matter that you could be or do anything you want - it should come from you. This book will teach you how to love yourself and show you that you have always been the person you always wanted to be.