18th June 2018

Cornwall was my home for three years and honestly it was one of the most magical places to live in. Sometimes I can’t actually believe that I lived there and experienced a very different part of British culture. Living in London you get to experience the negative side of British culture or should I say the city culture if you can even call it that. People can be very rude and ruthless especially when they get told that there is someone on the train track interrupting their commute to work and they’re told they might be late - then all hell breaks loose and there is not even a smidgen of empathy. 

Going from that side of British culture to the polite and kind culture that the brits are mostly known for was and I think still would be a huge shock. People that I had never met before would say good morning to me or ask me how I was which I understand might not be unusual for some people but my instant reaction when someone does this is 'what do you want?.'

I didn’t live right on the beach, which would have been the dream, but I was only a bus ride away and I regret not going there more often. Granted it was mostly shitty weather and really windy by the coast but when it was sunny this place looked like Fiji and was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Not only was Cornwall a beautiful sight but it made you feel beautiful all the time. I felt like I could be myself there and just wear whatever I felt comfortable in and people didn’t give a shit. It wasn’t bitchy and it wasn’t malicious. People were just free to express themselves in whatever way they pleased.


Most people believe this to be true in a city environment and yes, they would be right to a certain extent. Some areas of London are like this, very free and expressive but not everywhere. In fact for me I felt like most people stare at you or judge you in a way that makes you think that you shouldn’t have worn that pair of fish net tights or you shouldn’t have put on that gold sparkly eyeshadow just to go to the shops. But, in Cornwall people smile at you and tell you look amazing no matter how out there you are. They just don’t give a shit which is an atmosphere that everyone should experience.