29th November 2018

When spending almost every day in an urban city center, stepping into a botanical garden is like stepping into a different part of the world. The immediate contrast of the environmental surroundings is a special feeling. The life and atmosphere in these small pockets in European capitals is what I’m out to catch. Capturing the big picture of the surroundings down to the small details and textures. 


The first part of the series was shot in Copenhagen where I focused on shooting the plant life along with the bright environment. Thanks to the wonderful weather that day, the whole place was beautifully lit up and made everything come to life. The clarity and vivid colours was perfect for this beautiful location.


Opened in 1759, Kew Gardens in London is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world and is where the second part of the series takes place. The age of these buildings has weathered all the surfaces and creates this unique atmosphere. The garden is filled with beautiful textures, which is what I primarily focused on for this garden.