21th April 2018

As I sit here, I think of how much I love airports. Some may find it is stressful and a anxiety-filled-experience and for some people it is. Yet, my heart tells me I am content. As I watch places flying in flying out, I cannot help but wander where people are going and why. I love people watching, so seeing couples sprint to each other only to have a strong and intimate embrace waiting for them after their tiring flight, leaves me at ease and fills my heart with love.

It is hard being away from those that you love and I feel that an airport seizes many emotions and feelings - feelings of sadness when departing a place or from people we adore, not knowing when we will see them again to the reunion of loved ones when stepping foot in a new country, with so many opportunities waiting for everyone.

I love people watching and observing how different we all are, how everyone carries themselves. From the exhausted flight attendant dragging her essentials around with her with her next flight waiting for her to the ecstatic child being rolled around on their suitcase while taking their favorite teddy on holiday. 

To be perfectly honest, it is not being at an airport that makes me feel or think this way, because just a mere sight of an airplane ripping the skies as I lay on the grass, takes me and my thoughts away with it.

This time, I am travelling alone, back to London after the most amazing month abroad and as much as I love the city I live in, my feet are heavy with the desire to stay. Yes, I miss it but no, my soul and heart are begging me to stay. I absolute hate seeing the country that I love the most disappear into tiny granules but life is not always what we wish it to be and guess what? My gate has opened and I am about to embark on my flight back home. I'm about to see my favourite place disappear down below...

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