A  S E R I E S  O F
L O U D  W H I S P E R S

30th April 2020

by Melchi Dompreh

What a beautiful day it is today. Perhaps we shall go on a little adventure, just me and myself. 

I can't wait to see what is out there. There's just so much I want to see...


So little time.

I am finally here. The air is so rich with promise and excitement! But let's digress. She's somewhere out there...


I really hope that she is okay.

Somewhere over the golden gate bridge, I wander. And as I wander, I can't help but wonder about her.

My little trip is almost over. But there's still no sight of her.

Hopefully someday, we'll meet again. 

Oh how I dread the mundane routine of the ordinary.


You have slapped me and awakened me from my dream. What a miserable reality.

Even still, you cross my mind every time I lay down. As I try to close my eyes...


I stay up, and think of you. 


But at least I can bask in the warmth of your memory. 


How beautiful it is.

Looking back at these photos now I can only think how lucky we were to be able to live such a beautiful summer crossing so many states, sleeping in so many different places, visiting so many natural parks, cities, bars and everything that can be found along the way.


I never planned it as a project, but as a visual diary of what most caught my attention during that long journey.


After all, these are probably the most special photos I have ever taken.


I hope you enjoy them and that they remind you of summers with family far from the worries that affect us today.


Stay safe,



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