A  M O R O C C A N  D R E A M.

29th June 2020

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Endless views of the Atlantic ocean, dreamy pastel colours, laid-back surf vibes and the most warm people you’ll ever meet – that’s Mirleft in a nutshell. The perfect place to get away from it all. Last January, this cosmopolitan little spot stole my heart within one week. I guess it were the simple things. The magnificent views, friendly crowd and peaceful atmosphere. The scruffy village might seem uninspiring at first, but the gentle bustle soon becomes contagious. 

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The social morning coffees were my favourite part of the day. You can’t have a drink, let alone a meal, without meeting new people in this town. I’ve never been to a place where I felt so (genuinely!) welcome as a tourist as in Mirleft. That probably has to do with the fact that there aren’t so many tourists – yet. There aren’t many exciting ‘things to do’ in this sleepy fishing town. But what Mirleft has to offer is exactly what I was looking for during my little winter break: chilling out and surfing at pristine beaches (Plage Sauvage is my new favourite beach), taking walks along the untouched coastline and having tajines with the freshest fish ever for dinner. The more time you spend in Mirleft, the more you’ll fall in love with it. I’ll be back next winter.

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