17th August 2018

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


​For those of you who are book lovers, you've probably heard about this book but we can't not write about it when we love it so much.


The Alchemist unravels a magical story of an Andalusian shepherd, Santiago who has an enormous desire to travel, in seek of a treasure, yet this young boys' story is not what we think, nor does it follow a path we think it will. 

Whether you're on a high or especially, if you are feeling low and are in seek of inspiration for something to lift your spirits, this short yet grounding book will do exactly that. The story teaches the reader how having your mind-set on something can change completely when encountered with life's lessons. Santiago's journey teaches us to listen to our calling and what our hearts most desire - no matter how big or difficult it may seem to conquer. If we are courageous and ready to listen and witness life's omens, we can do anything, especially follow our dreams.