“The drive from the airport to the town was something unlike I’d ever seen before. Alpine forests and rock faces towering over the sides of winding roads for miles and miles. The Mont Blanc Massif dominated the skyline as we drew closer to Chamonix and it wasn’t long until we could see the famous summit of Mont Blanc itself.”

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two cities

"With a focus on candid environment and architectural photography, the resulting photos lead me to notice the similarities and nuances between the two cities, as well as how I toured and photographed the cities as an outsider, then as a local."


airport thoughts

"As I watch planes fly in and out, I can't help but wander where people are going and why..."



"This peak was supposed to be an easy one to reach, but its' atmosphere was balancing the lack of challenge."


time & tide

“Record-breaking temperatures and months of severe drought fuelled the Australian bushfires, though uncertainty of their exact cause and the climate change debate persists. Regardless of the different arguments and their proponents, one thing remains clear; this is a climate crisis.” 


new york to california

"Looking back at these photos now I can only think how lucky we were to be able to live such a beautiful summer crossing so many states, sleeping in so many different places, visiting so many natural parks, cities, bars and everything that can be found along the way."


quarantine / exposure series

As we travel together through these challenging times, we explore Felix Russel-Saw's views on the world right now. This beautiful project of his portrays exactly what we are experiencing and how we are all on the same boat.

St ivesCNV00022.jpg


Film photography has a certain nostalgia and escapism attached to it, that is really quite refreshing in today’s instantaneous culture.


breakfast series

These photos are a portal to imagine the ghosts that remain engraved in our gaze.

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the berliner zine

The "Berliner Zine" just happened really spontaneously. It came to be pictures that documented and represent a specific time in Berlin.


la perouse

Pure serenity in the land down under.



Nothing needs to be perfect.


chasing the lights

Christmas is just like life; super messy but worth it. There are elements of tradition that remind me of being a child and being free, but there are also elements of tradition that I wish I could break.

000024230031 2.JPG


Milan is heaven; at all times. I was surrounded by so many interesting faces and styles, mesmerising architecture and lively colors.

Tamura (17).jpg

exposure series ft. joão tamura

"My passion and obsession for light is intrinsic and natural to me - it is something that influences an entire photograph and is one of its most important elements..."

Photo39_36 (2).jpg

dreaming of a never-ending summer

A series, captured over two years on the island of Pag, Croatia.

Juan Cristobal Aldrey (10).jpg

a road trip

These are a collection of places, things and moments captured on my travels, allowing me to explore my vision within photography.


canary islands

Eight hundred metres up and I felt as if I was on top of the world.




"Like ourselves, who require each other, there are places that require other places to exist."

Lisbon_Moments (3).jpg

exposure series ft. sara de sousa

"What first drew me into film photography was the aesthetic. Most of the time, you can tell when a photo was shot on film, and it’s not just the grain. I can’t really explain."

social media free


I deleted the apps from my phone and just tried to live my life as if it were 2005.


northern ireland

It was a beautiful trip; a photographers paradise, insane scenic views and a whole lot of doggos.

five inspiring ted talks about travelling

From personal experiences filled with inspiring moments to frightening instants offering life lessons. 

exposure series ft. dennis eichmann

To me it's a bit about letting go of control. I like having the camera and the film chemistry create the image. As a photographer, you act a bit like a curator. You take what's there and bring it into a new context. 


a muse / justin timberlake

Justin Timberlake is one of the most well-known singers in the world, but he still makes it feel like you're the only person in the room and that you're just simply partying with Justin Timberlake. What more could you want?!


a muse / gisela joão

So many emotions filled the room that night, from uncontrollable laughter to tear-filed eyes over sentimental, personal stories. That night, the chapel was her home, she owned the stage. 


exposure series ft. joão cabral

The whole process of taking one photo is much slower, I have to really think about the photo and consume the whole atmosphere around me. It’s kind of like a therapy to me.


161 pages you will not regret

​For those of you who are book lovers, you've probably heard about this book but we can't not write about it when we love it so much.

Franscisco Salgado
Centre Parcs

exposure series ft. francisco salgado

I was mostly just trying to record the places I was going and parties with my friends, because none of them were taking photos. It was nothing serious. Then, [...]

98392 shades of green / suffolk

Often when we think about holidays or escaping we think about hot, exotic and far away places, yet our own country is overlooked. I think with travelling you should begin with roots - almost learning the history of your country before you venture out to the world.

North London

the suburbs / north london

London, like most cities is known for its tourist spots and the outskirts are overlooked. Having lived in the same place for most of my life and I like to think that I know the "suburbs" inside out and even prefer them to the central part of the city. 


depression & anxiety

Functuay: a Chinese geomantic practice in which a structure or site is chosen or configured so as to harmonise with the spiritual forces that inhabit it; also : orientation, placement, or arrangement according to the precepts of fengshui.


party central / ibiza

When anyone says the word Ibiza you instantly think of people dripping with sweat partying all night, foam parties, being permanently drunk and insane hangovers but that isn't the only part of Ibiza.   


coasts & a curious dog

Built to protect the waters leading to Lisbon, we sat at the top of the Fort drinking coffee while admiring the orange-tiled city and the river. 


a longed-for trip / porto

While walking through the streets of Porto, every brush stroke on the ruined and decaying buildings was unique. Every piece of graffiti was prominent, stood out and made the city the artistic place it is today.


the magical town of the south / falmouth

Falmouth is like no other and spending 3 years there was nothing short of a blessing and I long to go back at discover more of this beautiful town and see how it's grown. 


readings & poems

Discover passionate poems to enlightening and opinion-changing books.

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